• Svetlana Tasić Belgrade Academy of Business and Art Vocational Studies, Serbia
  • Jelena Vukićević Novi Sad School of Business, Serbia
  • Dragan Dimitrijević University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faulty of Applied Sciences Niš, Serbia
  • Dejan Anđelković University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faulty of Applied Sciences Niš, Serbia



AHP method, PROMETHEE method, project


Making a decision about which project is the most profitable is not an easy task, especially when it comes
to investments that require large investments. In practice, there are a large number of methods that are applied in order to
make the right decision. The aim of this paper is to show, through empirical analysis, the application of AHP and PROMETHEE
methods as extremely effective when deciding on the best alternative location for the construction of a mini-hydroelectric power
plant. In order to demonstrate the application of these methods and the process of choosing the most profitable project, using
these methods, real data obtained by the investor, who has three alternative locations for the construction of a mini-hydroelectric
power plant, was used. First, an adequate discount factor, calculated net present value, Internal rate of RETURN project and
dynamic investment payback period were selected, in order to then apply the AHP calculation, and then the PROMETHEE
method in the Decision Lab 2000 program, based on all previously calculated indicators. The combination of these methods
showed which of the projects is the most profitable and which should be implemented. The very application of these methods
also showed us that several methods should be used before the final decision is made, in order to choose the most profitable
alternative for the investor.


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