• Jasmina Gligorijević Faculty of Applied Sciences Niš, Serbia
  • Aleksandrar Stanković Faculty of Applied Sciences Niš, Serbia
  • Dejan Andrejević AD “Elektroprivreda Srbije” Niš, Serbia
  • Filip Cvetković Faculty of Applied Sciences Niš, Serbia
  • Miodrag Šmelcerović Faculty of Applied Sciences Niš, Serbia



communication, management, management process


The managerial triad of the modern era consists of communication, leadership, and coordination; therefore, communication emerges as an imperative when studying management. Communication is a complex process and represents one of the fundamental competencies of successful individuals. The functioning of each part of an organization is largely conditioned by the nature and system of the communication process. There is a very close connection between the management process and communication activities. It is of paramount importance that there are good communications within the organization, as well as between the organization and its environment, enabling the organization to act as a unified entity directed towards common goals. The effectiveness of communication is of great significance because communication is a condition for directing and influencing employees towards achieving organizational interests, implementing changes, and generating good ideas. Adapting to a turbulent environment requires continuous development and improvement, which is a prerequisite for successful communication in the management process. The goal of this paper is to highlight the role and importance of communication and negotiation for successful business operations.


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