• Imran A. Rašljanin State University of Novi Pazar, Department of Law
  • Senad F. Ganić State University of Novi Pazar, Department of Law
  • Samir O. Manić State University of Novi Pazar, Department of Law
  • Sead S. Kadrić Univesity of Graz, Faculty of Law



arbitration, roman law, arbitration law, arbitrum, history of arbitration


This article delves into the historical evolution of arbitration, exploring its roots from ancient times to its contemporary practice. It discusses how arbitration emerged as an informal method of dispute resolution, tracing its trajectory through various civilizations and legal systems. Highlighting significant milestones, it charts the development of arbitration from early city-state mediations to its integration into legal structures worldwide. Examining Roman arbitration and its similarities to contemporary practices, it showcases how the concept evolved within different historical contexts. Additionally, it explores the role of Christian and Islamic arbitration, shedding light on their distinctive contributions to the arbitration landscape. The paper concludes by underscoring the enduring relevance of arbitration as a flexible and effective means of resolving disputes across diverse cultures and legal frameworks.


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